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title. NULLSERIE POP - UP GALLERY - Take it! Don´t leave it! 

date. 2015

Photosby Thorsten Robert Harms 

In 2016 Sophie Erbacher, Thorsten Harms and me decided to present all our work which we had done the last couple of years. We applied for a real estate to use in between of the cultural referat Munich. The Competence Team of the Creative Industries Munich selected us to use an old and stoned carpet showroom in Maximilianstraße 33 in Munich which is one oft the most expensive areas in Munich. For that we created the NULLSERIE Pop up Gallery.

In the end we where seven designers of the fields light, interior and photography. All our objects where somehow in symbiosis with each other. The whole oeuvre discussed the topic material or materiality and time. It was about transformation of specific things, places or at first glance trivial appearing materials which where transformed to extraordinary and special peaces of design and art.



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