Hi! My name is Lena Gillitzer. I was born in Munich in 1988. I always liked light. I think it started quite early as I covered an old lamp in my nursery with a cloth to get a special atmosphere but nearly burned it down. When I became older I started to collect lamps but it shall need a few more years where I became a doctor's assistant until I realized that working with light is what I want for my future. I started my studies for Design at Munich Highschool for Applied Sciences in 2013. This was the place where I had the material and the support to experiment. It was also during this time when I started to inspire myself with making photographs of special light situations and moods which I saw when I walked around. This tool became passion and I like to show my snapshots together with my objects.


On the other hand there is nature. Since I am a child I like to be outside in the garden or in the mountains. Today I do not only see natures opportunities in sport activities. I realized that there is so much more to experience and that especially in cities we have to protect the places where we can recreate. I want to stand up for nature thats why I started to work with this subject too.


As a designer I feel it´s my duty to be part in the - not only materially - but also politically and socially improvements of this world!



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